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Tyler UB40 August 2018, 2nd
Side to side Ariana Grande February 2018, 9th
Hard to believe Passafire February 2018, 9th
Jeremy Pearl Jam February 2018, 9th
Creep Radiohead February 2018, 9th
Shape of you Ed Sheeran February 2018, 9th
Heathens Twenty One Pilots February 2018, 9th
Red Dress Magic! February 2018, 8th
No sleep till Brooklin Beastie boys January 2017, 24th
Muito querer Mato Seco January 2017, 24th
A sombra da Maldade Cidade Negra January 2017, 24th
Andres L7 January 2017, 24th
Ela me faz Rael Da Rima January 2017, 24th
Burden of shame UB40 January 2017, 24th
Guetto girl John Holt January 2017, 24th
Eye without a face Billy Idol December 2016, 13th
Them belly full Bob Marley and the wailers December 2016, 13th
Feel it Passafire December 2016, 10th
Paradise city Guns N' Roses October 2016, 11th
Boys don't cry The Cure October 2016, 11th
Paranoid Black Sabbath October 2016, 11th
Bass chalice 10 ft. Ganja Plant September 2016, 30th
Boom draw Julian Marley September 2016, 30th
Top Down 10 ft. Ganja Plant August 2016, 18th
Moving Forward Lee Perry August 2016, 18th
Help me make it throught the night John Holt August 2016, 18th
Colt 45 Afroman June 2016, 7th
Adella UB40 June 2016, 7th
I dont want to miss a thing Aerosmith June 2016, 22th
Tu sin mì Dread Mar I June 2016, 22th
Onde você mora? Cidade Negra June 2016, 22th
All about that bass Meghan Trainor June 2016, 22th
Notorious Duran Duran June 2016, 22th
Soul rebel Ponto de equilíbrio July 2016, 5th
Down under Men at work July 2016, 5th
Shiny happy people R.E.M June 2016, 7th
Roots bloody roots Sepultura July 2016, 5th
Higher ground UB40 July 2016, 5th
Sorri, sou rei Natiruts July 2016, 5th
Fade to black Metallica July 2016, 5th
I want love I can feel John Holt May 2016, 12th
Prodigal son Steel Pulse May 2016, 11th
Lonely day System of a down May 2016, 12th
The world I know Collective Soul May 2016, 12th
Novo Começo Chimarruts April 2016, 7th
What is life Black Uhuru April 2016, 7th
She Green day July 2016, 5th
Mmmmm Mmmm Ziggy Marley April 2016, 7th
Woman in chains Tears For Fears April 2016, 7th
Light my fire The Doors April 2016, 7th
Champagne Supernova Oasis April 2016, 7th
Self esteem Offspring March 2016, 30th
Visão Moderna Mato Seco March 2016, 30th
What they do The Roots February 2016, 16th
Alèm Do Mar Macucos February 2016, 16th
Alfa Dub Jah Live February 2016, 16th
Uptown funk Bruno Mars February 2016, 16th
Thinking out loud Ed Sheeran February 2016, 16th
World a reggae music Anthony B February 2016, 10th
Banquet Bloc Party February 2016, 10th
No rain Blind Melon February 2016, 10th
Scar tissue Red Hot Chilli Peppers February 2016, 10th
Hysteria Muse February 2016, 10th
Quicksand Jesus Skid Row February 2016, 10th
Child in time Deep Purple February 2016, 10th
Cool and collect 10 ft. Ganja Plant February 2016, 10th
Jah work Ben Harper February 2016, 10th
Marijuana Alpha Blondy February 2016, 10th
Young generation Augustus Pablo February 2016, 10th
Give it up to me Sean Paul February 2016, 3rd
I can see clearly now Jimmy Cliff February 2016, 3rd
Rocket man Elton John February 2016, 3rd
Is this love Whitesnake February 2016, 3rd
Shitlist L7 February 2016, 3rd
Gotta get away Offspring February 2016, 3rd
Crazy Aerosmith January 2016, 26th
In your area Tribal Seeds January 2016, 26th
Ode ao tempo Maneva January 2016, 26th
True love Soldiers of Jah Army January 2016, 26th
Sea to sea Matisyahu January 2016, 26th
King Tubby Augustus Pablo January 2016, 26th
Everything about you Ugly Kid Joe January 2016, 26th
Even flow Pearl Jam January 2016, 26th
Maggies farm Rage against the machine January 2016, 22th
Nhacoma Expressão Regueira January 2016, 22th
Losing my religion R.E.M January 2016, 22th
I believe in miracles Ramones January 2016, 22th
Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Crash Test Dummies January 2016, 22th
Far behind Candlebox January 2016, 22th
Jail house Junior Reid January 2016, 15th
Pretty noose Soundgarden January 2016, 15th
Take on me A-Ha January 2016, 15th
Armonia de amor Gondwana January 2016, 15th
I won't close my eyes UB40 January 2016, 15th
Evil ways Santana January 2016, 15th
Money for nothing Dire Straits January 2016, 15th
Não adianta correr Mato Seco January 2016, 15th
Little wing Jimi Hendrix December 2015, 30th
Jealous guy John Lennon December 2015, 30th
Ordinary world Duran Duran December 2015, 30th
Flor de Liz Edu Ribeiro December 2015, 30th
Miss me blind Culture club December 2015, 30th
Kashmir Led Zeppelin December 2015, 30th
Dip them, Jah Adão Negro December 2015, 30th
Magic Coldplay December 2015, 30th
Come down Bush December 2015, 29th
Reggae in my head Ziggy Marley December 2015, 29th
Sabotage Beastie boys December 2015, 15th
Livin on a player Bon Jovi December 2015, 15th
Territory Sepultura December 2015, 15th
Burning James 10 ft. Ganja Plant December 2015, 11th
Dyon Anaswa Lee Perry December 2015, 10th
Babilônia em Chamas Tribo de Jah December 2015, 11th
Heights Matisyahu December 2015, 11th
De cara pro mundo Planta e Raiz December 2015, 11th
Easy Faith No More December 2015, 11th
Ironic Alanis Morissette December 2015, 10th
Você me Encantou Demais Natiruts December 2015, 10th
Más allá de tus ojos Dread Mar I December 2015, 10th
Birthday girl The Roots December 2015, 10th
Paradise Mikey Dread December 2015, 10th
Overkill Men at work December 2015, 10th
Girassol Cidade Negra December 2015, 10th
Mother Danzig December 2015, 10th
Tomorrow Silverchair December 2015, 10th
November rain Guns N' Roses December 2015, 10th
Let it be Beatles December 2015, 10th
I wanna be sedated Ramones December 2015, 9th
Big girls don't cry Fergie December 2015, 9th
Master of puppets Metallica December 2015, 9th
Can´t C me Tupac December 2015, 9th
Do lado de Cá Chimarruts December 2015, 9th
Hells bells AC/DC December 2015, 9th
Into the groove Ziggy Marley December 2015, 9th
Calm like a bomb Rage against the machine December 2015, 9th
Black Pearl Jam December 2015, 9th
Humanitarian Jimmy Cliff December 2015, 9th
No cocaine Alborosie December 2015, 9th
Dreadlocks in moonlight Lee Perry December 2015, 9th
Don't look back in anger Oasis December 2015, 9th
God save the queen Sex Pistols December 2015, 3rd
Babilônia em Chamas Tribo de Jah December 2015, 9th
In your eyes Tribal Seeds December 2015, 3rd
Blood money 10 ft. Ganja Plant December 2015, 3rd
Point black Augustus Pablo December 2015, 3rd
Breathe in the air Pink Floyd December 2015, 3rd
Cats in the cradle Ugly Kid Joe December 2015, 3rd
Don't speak No Doubt December 2015, 3rd
Tightrope Steel Pulse December 2015, 2nd
O que você da pra vida Mato Seco December 2015, 2nd
Asas Maskavo December 2015, 2nd
Would? Alice In Chains December 2015, 2nd
Summertime Janis Joplin December 2015, 2nd
Meu Reggae e Roots Natiruts December 2015, 2nd
Moves like Jagger Maroon 5 December 2015, 2nd
Bad fish Sublime December 2015, 2nd
Cherry oh baby UB40 October 2015, 22th
I still haven't found what I'm looking for U2 October 2015, 22th
Caminando Ganja October 2015, 17th
Mago do Universo Raizes Rasta October 2015, 17th
A horse with no name America October 2015, 17th
Like glue Sean Paul October 2015, 17th
Sliver Nirvana October 2015, 17th
Naxalite Asian Dub Foundation October 2015, 17th
Iron Man Black Sabbath October 2015, 17th
For the babies Damian Marley October 2015, 17th
Karmachameleon Culture club October 2015, 10th
Pra Ela Chimarruts October 2015, 10th
The next episode Dr Dre October 2015, 7th
Time bomb Rancid October 2015, 7th
Mr. Chin Yellowman October 2015, 7th
Firmamento Cidade Negra September 2015, 29th
De Antes Cultura Profetica September 2015, 29th
Smooth criminal Mickael Jackson September 2015, 29th
Let your hair down Magic! September 2015, 29th
Bohemian Rhapsody Queen September 2015, 29th
Hope Shaggy September 2015, 29th
5 minutes alone Pantera September 2015, 29th
Vamos Fugir Gilberto Gil September 2015, 29th
Welcome to the jungle Guns N' Roses September 2015, 29th
Pet sematary Ramones September 2015, 29th
Deixa o Menino Jogar Natiruts September 2015, 24th
Roots Bob Marley and the wailers September 2015, 24th
Do it twice Bob Marley and the wailers September 2015, 24th
Te ver Planta e Raiz September 2015, 24th
Proud Mary Creedence Clearwater Revival September 2015, 24th
Instant crush Daft Punk September 2015, 24th
It's a mistake Men at work September 2015, 24th
I remember you Skid Row September 2015, 24th
Never be ungrateful Gregory Isaacs September 2015, 24th
Música Adão Negro Adão Negro September 2015, 15th
Come undone Duran Duran September 2015, 15th
House of the rising sun Gregory Isaacs September 2015, 15th
Som de Bob Natiruts September 2015, 15th
Like a stone Audioslave September 2015, 15th
Real muthafuckin G's Easy E September 2015, 15th
Tudo Nos é Dado(só nos falta a Fé) Mato Seco September 2015, 4th
Cosmic girl Jamiroquai September 2015, 4th
When I come around Green day September 2015, 2nd
Alive Pearl Jam September 2015, 2nd
Love and Inity Damian Marley September 2015, 2nd
Não basta ser rasta Tribo de Jah August 2015, 28th
It ain't over 'til it's over Lenny kravitz August 2015, 28th
Something Beatles August 2015, 22th
Africa 2 Ponto de equilíbrio July 2015, 29th
Salvação Mato Seco July 2015, 21th
Guerra Gondwana July 2015, 21th
Bombtrack Rage against the machine July 2015, 21th
O Carcará e a rosa Natiruts July 2015, 21th
No way no Magic! July 2015, 18th
Reggae na Estrada Tribo de Jah July 2015, 9th
One more chance Gregory Isaacs July 2015, 9th
Anarexol Eek-A-Mouse July 2015, 9th
Crazy Rap Afroman July 2015, 9th
Heart shape box Nirvana July 2015, 2nd
Wind of change Scorpions July 2015, 2nd
Unbelievable EMF July 2015, 2nd
A pantera cor de rosa (The pink panther) Henry Mancini July 2015, 2nd
Mensagem antiga Cidade Verde Sound July 2015, 2nd
Presente de um Beija flor Natiruts July 2015, 2nd
Sentimiento original Gondwana July 2015, 2nd
Papa Noah Seed July 2015, 2nd
Botar um Adão Negro July 2015, 2nd
Virtual insanity Jamiroquai July 2015, 2nd
Walk Pantera July 2015, 2nd
The unforgiven Metallica July 2015, 2nd
Suck my kiss Red Hot Chilli Peppers June 2015, 25th
18 and life Skid Row June 2015, 25th
Still loving you Scorpions June 2015, 20th
Two Princes Spin Doctors July 2015, 2nd
Bulls on parade Rage against the machine June 2015, 20th
Cloak and dagger Lee Perry June 2015, 20th
See dem coming Gentleman June 2015, 20th
Smoke and fly Teacha Dee June 2015, 20th
I Rusalem Alborosie June 2015, 19th
Because I got high Afroman June 2015, 19th
In da club 50 Cent June 2015, 19th
Regueiros guerreiros Tribo de Jah June 2015, 19th
Body language Gregory Isaacs June 2015, 12th
Childrens evolution Jahcoustix June 2015, 12th
Perfect gentleman Wyclef Jean June 2015, 12th
Ice ice baby Vanilla Ice June 2015, 12th
Plush Stone Temple Pilots June 2015, 12th
Happy Pharrell Williams June 2015, 12th
Sing Ed Sheeran June 2015, 10th
Selah Christafari June 2015, 10th
Killing in the name Rage against the machine June 2015, 4th
Aquele Lugar Planta e Raiz June 2015, 4th
Save a prayer Duran Duran June 2015, 4th
Poison heart Ramones June 2015, 4th
Born to be wild Steppenwolf June 2015, 4th
Andei só Natiruts June 2015, 4th
No excuses Alice In Chains May 2015, 28th
No way no Magic! May 2015, 26th
Nothing else matters Metallica May 2015, 26th
You can´t blame the youth Bob Marley and the wailers May 2015, 26th
Soul almighty Bob Marley and the wailers May 2015, 26th
No water Bob Marley and the wailers May 2015, 28th
Rock it baby Bob Marley and the wailers June 2015, 2nd
Easy street Peter Tosh June 2015, 2nd
Ketchy Shuby Peter Tosh June 2015, 2nd
Mystery Babylon Peter Tosh June 2015, 2nd
Peace treaty Peter Tosh June 2015, 2nd
Why must I cry Peter Tosh May 2015, 30th
Watcha gonna do Peter Tosh May 2015, 30th
Testify Peter Tosh May 2015, 30th
Reggae mylitis Peter Tosh May 2015, 30th
Not gonna give it up Peter Tosh May 2015, 30th
No nuclear war Peter Tosh May 2015, 30th
Na goa jail Peter Tosh May 2015, 30th
Mama Africa Peter Tosh May 2015, 30th
Igziabeher Peter Tosh May 2015, 29th
Feel no way Peter Tosh May 2015, 29th
Burial Peter Tosh May 2015, 29th
Walk the proud land Bob Marley and the wailers May 2015, 23th
Personal revolution Ziggy Marley May 2015, 23th
Blue eyes crying in the rain UB40 May 2015, 23th
Mystic Man Peter Tosh May 2015, 23th
Callin Alborosie May 2015, 22th
Mama she don't like you Alborosie May 2015, 22th
Rude Magic! May 2015, 22th
Falar a Verdade Cidade Negra May 2015, 22th
Resistência Mato Seco May 2015, 22th
Jamaica rum Bob Marley and the wailers May 2015, 21th
Lonesome journey Eek-A-Mouse May 2015, 21th
If I was president Wyclef Jean May 2015, 21th
Guns are draw The Roots May 2015, 21th
Jah Jah children dub Sly and Robbie May 2015, 20th
Liberdade pra dentro da cabeça Natiruts May 2015, 20th
Black hole sun Soundgarden May 2015, 22th
Epic Faith No More May 2015, 20th
Interstate love song Stone Temple Pilots May 2015, 20th
Hallelujah time Bob Marley and the wailers May 2015, 19th
Chant a psalm Steel Pulse May 2015, 19th
Jerusalem Matisyahu May 2015, 19th
Rise up Jimmy Cliff May 2015, 19th
Feeling kinda high Gregory Isaacs May 2015, 19th
All day all night Bob Marley and the wailers May 2015, 13th
Wanted dread and alive Peter Tosh May 2015, 13th
Get busy Sean Paul May 2015, 13th
Com certeza Planta e Raiz May 2015, 13th
The mission Damian Marley May 2015, 13th
Weed, weed (I love weed) Eek-A-Mouse May 2015, 13th
Echoes Pink Floyd May 2015, 12th
Bills,bills,bills Destiny's Child May 2015, 12th
Me gwaan Leões de Israel May 2015, 12th
Ponto de equilibrio Ponto de equilíbrio May 2015, 12th
Man in the box Alice In Chains May 2015, 12th
A tout le monde Megadeth May 2015, 12th
I want you back Jackson 5 May 2015, 12th
Don't cry Guns N' Roses May 2015, 12th
Love in the morning Gregory Isaacs May 2015, 12th
Dutty road Alborosie May 2015, 12th
Rolling like a rock Alborosie May 2015, 10th
40 Oz to Freedom Sublime May 2015, 10th
Wet dream Max Romeo May 2015, 10th
Darkness Black Uhuru May 2015, 10th
Mr Marley Damian Marley May 2015, 10th
Middle east Israel Vibration May 2015, 10th
Rock with you Inner Circle May 2015, 10th
Slave Lucky Dube May 2015, 10th
Pra ser Forte (Vou seguir a ti) Mato Seco May 2015, 10th
Gwarn Pato Banton May 2015, 10th
Break us apart Stephen Marley May 2015, 10th
Kingston town UB40 May 2015, 10th
Iluminar Natiruts May 2015, 10th
Fumando vamos a casa Zona Ganjah May 2015, 10th
Chop suey System of a down May 2015, 10th
Human nature Mickael Jackson May 2015, 10th
I'm yours Jason Mraz May 2015, 10th
Grease - Summer night B.O. May 2015, 10th
Get lucky Daft Punk May 2015, 10th
Global warning Steel Pulse May 2015, 10th
Hey love Shaggy May 2015, 10th
Na goa jail Peter Tosh May 2015, 10th
Crime Eek-A-Mouse May 2015, 10th
I'n'I soldier Dub Incorporation May 2015, 10th
Como el sol Dread Mar I May 2015, 10th
Wrong way Sublime May 2015, 10th
What I got Sublime May 2015, 10th
Humbleness Alborosie May 2015, 10th
Quero ser Feliz Tambem Natiruts May 2015, 2nd
Don't turn around Aswad May 2015, 2nd
Come into my life Jimmy Cliff May 2015, 2nd
Wild world Mr. Big May 2015, 2nd
Go Pato Pato Banton May 2015, 2nd
Linger Cranberries May 2015, 2nd
About a girl Nirvana May 2015, 2nd
The man who sold the world Nirvana May 2015, 2nd
One U2 May 2015, 2nd
Pensamento Cidade Negra April 2015, 29th
Whole lotta love Led Zeppelin April 2015, 29th
You're gonna go far, kid Offspring April 2015, 29th
Wonderwall Oasis April 2015, 29th
Lift up your conscience Israel Vibration April 2015, 29th
Onde você vai chegar? Ponto de equilíbrio April 2015, 28th
Fear of the dark Iron maiden April 2015, 28th
Land of promise Damian Marley April 2015, 28th
Love is my religion Ziggy Marley April 2015, 28th
Blitzkrieg bop Ramones April 2015, 28th
All along the whatchtower Jimi Hendrix April 2015, 28th
Pretend were dead L7 April 2015, 28th
Paradise Coldplay April 2015, 24th
Vietnam Jimmy Cliff April 2015, 24th
Naticongo Natiruts April 2015, 23th
What's up 4 Non Blondes April 2015, 23th
Pass the dutchie Musical Youth April 2015, 23th
Rainy day Alborosie April 2015, 21th
See dem coming Gentleman April 2015, 21th
Santeria Sublime April 2015, 21th
Shine Collective Soul April 2015, 21th
Wake me up when september ends Green day April 2015, 21th
Feel no way Peter Tosh April 2015, 21th
Hôtel California Eagles April 2015, 18th
Royals Lorde April 2015, 17th
Freedom Rage against the machine April 2015, 17th
Have you seen the rain Creedence Clearwater Revival April 2015, 16th
Sweet Child O' Mine Guns N' Roses April 2015, 16th
Tyrant Steel Pulse April 2015, 16th
Road to zion Damian Marley April 2015, 16th
Precious Alborosie April 2015, 15th
Rude Magic! April 2015, 10th
Verbalize Natiruts April 2015, 10th
Can't touch this Mc Hammer April 2015, 10th
Pretty fly (for a white guy) Offspring April 2015, 7th
Andar pela ilha Natiruts April 2015, 7th
Police polizia Alborosie April 2015, 7th
Andar pela ilha Natiruts April 2015, 1st
Angel Shaggy March 2015, 31th
Summer jammin Inner Circle March 2015, 31th
Not about romance Inner Circle March 2015, 31th
Baby I love your way Big Mountain March 2015, 31th
Filhos Rebeldes Leões de Israel March 2015, 31th
Homen do povo Natiruts March 2015, 31th
Brilho oculto Mato Seco March 2015, 31th
Olhos verdes Vibracões Rasta March 2015, 19th
Hipócritas Ponto de equilíbrio March 2015, 19th
Novo dia Ponto de equilíbrio March 2015, 19th
Me namora Edu Ribeiro March 2015, 11th
Navegantes da ilusão Mato Seco March 2015, 10th
Linda Princesa Natiruts March 2015, 6th
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