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The tablatures

Each horizontal line represents a string (the lowest string being the bottom line, and the highest string being the top line) and numbers placed on strings indicate on which fret you have to place your fingers.

On this exemple, the number 5 is placed on the bottom line, you have to place your finger on the 5th fret and play the E string (= play an A on the E string).
If the number is a 0, you have to play the open string.
As an example, the same A can also be represented by the number 0 on the A string.

The chords

The chords are written most of the time with the usual Anglo-Saxon notation, you can however find on some tabs the chords written in French, here is the correspondace:

Do=C, Re=D, Mi=E, Fa=F, Sol=G, La=A, Si=B

So for example to play a "La mineur", play the Am chord, for a "Sol" play the "G" chord, etc.

See the fingers positions on the board for each chord

The reggae rythmic

Almost of reggae titles have the same guitar rhythmic, it is typical rhythmic of the reggae called the "skank".

The guitar plays in a syncopated style, that means the guitar doesn't play on the beats, but between the beats.

To begin, count adding an "and" between each beat, like this "1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 1 and 2 and ...". The guitar must play on each "and".

For more details on guitar reggae rythm, you can find lessons in video at this address :
Reggae rythmic by Herve

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