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Murderer Barrington Levy July 2019, 5th
Stillness Of Night Tribal Seeds April 2019, 23th
Petit Bonhomme Mo'Kalamity April 2019, 23th
Evolution Mo'Kalamity April 2019, 23th
Man No Sober Steel Pulse April 2019, 23th
Last War Zap Pow April 2019, 23th
Purify your Heart (Going to Church) Johnny Osbourne April 2019, 23th
Autour de toi Mo'Kalamity December 2018, 21th
Sinsemilia Dub King Tubby December 2018, 21th
Livin' in I Music Vanupié December 2018, 4th
If I Vanupié December 2018, 4th
Rockadown Vanupié December 2018, 4th
Colorblind Vanupié December 2018, 4th
Angel Fire Hollie Cook August 2018, 2nd
I'n'I soldier Dub Incorporation August 2018, 2nd
Exil Dub Incorporation August 2018, 2nd
Never Fade Away ALAM August 2018, 2nd
Cocoon ALAM August 2018, 2nd
Tyler UB40 August 2018, 2nd
Under The Rain Mo'Kalamity August 2018, 2nd
Autour de toi Mo'Kalamity August 2018, 2nd
System Ruff OBF February 2018, 9th
Hard to believe Passafire February 2018, 9th
Hot stepper Gregory Isaacs February 2018, 9th
Jah Fire Hugh Mundell February 2018, 9th
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